Kiwis to make you blush with pleasure

They are New Zealanders, have smooth skin and do not sting under the tongue ... No, we do not speak of All Black, rugby players famous for their manly hakas. But new kiwis. Red. Originating in China, they have been grown extensively in New Zealand. And they will land on our stalls from next year. The creators of this variety - called EnzaRed - have decided to develop a production in France.

The kiwi makes us definitely see all the colors. After the yellow version and then the "baby" (which is closer to a bay), here is enough to brighten up our desserts with this fruit carmine crown. Its advantages ? It contains as much vitamin C as its green cousin, but is sweeter and not at all acidic. If he has no hair, the skin is not eaten. Harvested at this time (October-November), the first should be marketed at the beginning of the year. And they will probably cost a little more, because for this launch, volumes are very modest.

This novelty should delight fans, who are numerous. The kiwi is the 9th most consumed fruit in France, with an average of 3 kilos per year per person, according to the Interprofession of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is as much as for strawberries and grapefruit.

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