A very natural hug = a tree for the planet

You have never cajoled a tree? Remedy it quickly, it's for the good cause! How to use: in the middle of nature, in your garden or in the city, choose a discreet place, stick to a tree and ... kiss it! All under the accomplice goal of a friend.

The Yves Rocher Foundation, which reboises the planet (target: 50 million trees planted by the end of 2015), launched this summer the operation "I love trees".

To participate, simply register (a short form) and send a picture of your "hug" (hug) so special to a tree. It will be published on the page of this event (success assured with your entourage, think to take a screenshot!) And the Foundation then engages to plant a tree for you. And if you share on Facebook this original selfie, a second tree will be sown. Easy, right?

Do not delay, the operation ends at the end of October. Your tree will be planted during 2016, in one of the 26 countries in which the Foundation operates (India, Senegal, Madagascar ...)

See you soon on www.ilovetrees.eu

You can also support at any time the program "Plant for the Planet" by sowing virtual trees, in the country of your choice (from 5 euros for 10 trees planted). Visit the website of the Yves Rocher Foundation: www.yves-rocher-fondation.org

Video: CUMMINGS - "I AM THE HUGGER!" (January 2020).


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