The ice melting is over

Savor an ice cream longer, even in hot weather ... this is the brainchild of researchers from the Scottish Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee, who seek to develop the ice cream of tomorrow.

To manage the melting cones in summer and avoid the effect sticky hands and dirty t-shirts, they have integrated a protein called BsLA, which is already found in some foods. They explain that "this protein acts by clinging to fat cells and air bubbles, making them more stable in a mixture." In other words, ice cream remains cold and creamy longer. And icing on the ice: they also become less rich in saturated fatty acids, in short, less caloric, say the researchers.

A discovery that should appeal to industry, hoping to see the marketable product within 3 to 5 years.

Video: What If All The Ice Melted On Earth? ft. Bill Nye (January 2020).


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