All liars on our holidays!

Beautiful weather, wonderful discoveries, great family agreement ... to hear us, the holidays are always for-mi-da-ble! According to a study by lastminute / OnePoll, a third of us embellish the reality or tell that they did extraordinary things when they tell the story of their stay in September ... The holidays, we want to miss them but not share it!

If you do not embellish the reality, here are three tips to enhance your holiday photos:

  • Do not center your subjects, instead place them slightly to the right or left of the frame. Also respect the 2/3 height rule, always keeping "air" above the photographed head.
  • Switch modes: Digital cameras offer easy-to-use modes. Just select them at the right time, they take care of the rest. For example, the macro (symbolized by the small flower) allows beautiful highlighting of an object or a flower for example, with a blur in the background. The panoramic mode gives original shots for landscapes, etc.
  • If you have become accustomed to using your smartphone to take photos, we like the app Instaframe (easy to use) that allows editing and collage of photos between them. To send by email to his grandchildren ... you'll be a granny at the tip!

Video: I Faked Going On A Holiday And My Best Friend Believed Me! Roblox (January 2020).


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