11,000 years old and not a wrinkle

It is pretty well preserved for its 11 000 years. Recent research has determined that the wooden statue called "the idol of Shigir" was as old as the first Neolithic works of Mesopotamia. Discovered in Siberia in 1890, this elongated totem which originally measured 5.30 m, - before a part was probably stolen under the Soviet era, bringing its height to 2.80 m - reserved still secrets. In particular his age. Exhibited at the Museum of Sverdlovsk, Yekaterinburg, it was sampled analyzed according to a learned method (mass spectrometry accelerator, if you really want to do the clever in dinners). The results resulted in Shigir's idol being the world's oldest wooden statue. It is also, for Mikhail Zhilin, prehistoric researcher who participated in the discoveries, the "evidence that at the beginning of the Holocene (our geological epoch, which began 10,000 years ago, NDLR), the populations of hunter-gatherers in Eurasia were as advanced in their creations as those in the Middle East. " How could such an old wooden object be preserved? By its natural acidity, the peat bog in which it lay at 4 m depth preserved it from the ravages of time.

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