The restaurant without server

We already knew the supermarket checkouts without a cashier. The Americans invented the restaurant without a waiter. At Eatsa, San Francisco's new organic and trendy canteen, everything is automated. We order on one of the iPads placed against the walls. So, what do you prefer? A quinoa bowl of Mediterranean or Indian inspiration? The calories and amounts of protein are displayed for each dish. And we can also offer chips and refreshing beverages - as rich in sugar as sodas! - Ginger or a funny mix of cucumber / melon. Carnivores will remain hungry because there is only quinoa à la carte. There is still no one to bring you your feasts: they arrive directly in a numbered locker. And the payment is made exclusively by credit card. Necessarily.

Since the opening, the queues continue to lengthen at lunchtime. The founders wish to duplicate the concept in other US cities by the end of the year, including Los Angeles. The story does not tell who to turn to if it lacks guacamole in its bowl "burrito" ... To a robot that will renew on an online claim service, perhaps?

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