A new prehistoric ascendant scorpion

It measures between 1.50 m and 1.70 m long. He has forceps capable of grasping prey the size of a fist. In short, we would not like to come face to face with diving. Let's reassure ourselves, that will not happen. This scorpion of the seas - or Pentecopterus decorahensis, its scientific name - haunted the seas of the globe in the Paleozoic era, 460 million years ago. That is more than 200 million years before the advent of dinosaurs.

American paleontologists have discovered a fossil of this new species of the family of eurypterids, considered the ancestors of modern scorpions, in an Iowa river. It took them five years to reconstruct his exoskeleton, consisting of 150 fragments.

They also reconstructed the way of life of this real sea monster: he probably used his hind legs to swim or dig holes, and his front legs, slightly inclined, to prevent his victims from escaping. At the time, he was one of the largest predators. But it's probably the appearance of T-Rex and others that drove him out of our oceans.

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