Dressed for the winter?

Name: Chris.
Origin: Canberra, Australia.
Special sign: 41 kg of wool on the back.

In early September, this beautiful wandering specimen was saved from certain death (merino wool causes hyperthermia and infections if the animal is not regularly mown) by a local association for the protection of animals. The Australian mowing specialist (yes, it exists!) Was called urgently to achieve what we imagine to be the operation of his life ... It took him no less than 42 minutes to rid Chris of his warm coat, instead of 3 usually ... After a recovery of a few days, closely watched by the association (it was not a question of getting cold!), the sheep took back the hair of the beast. And could enter Guinness Records! Flying the show to a New Zealander comrade who had been relieved of 29 kilos of wool in 2014. Little player!

Video: Dressed for Extreme Winter - Layers Explained (January 2020).


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