Ugly foods and proud to be!

No more crime of dirty mouth! In recent months, quirky apples, poorly calibrated pears, crumbled potatoes and other products with small defects - but perfectly edible - no longer end up in the trash. They are now entitled to the shelves of our supermarkets. An excellent anti-fouling initiative of the Collectif les Gueules Cassées, which should be emulated. Since Monday indeed, this French collective has launched a site in English (, which can be translated too good to be wasted) to encourage our neighbors around the world to consume, too, ugly food !

Sold about 30% cheaper, these ungrateful physics quickly seduced French consumers, more interested in the inner beauty (the famous!) Goods than a perfect aesthetic and fully formatted. As early as December, it will be up to American buyers to succumb to the charm of fruits and vegetables labeled Ugly mugs, explained to AFP Nicolas Chabanne, the instigator of this project. Then to the Germans in January. Japan, Belgium, Italy, Brazil, South Africa ... should come as well. A total of 21 countries are interested in the concept. The hunt for gaspi is only beginning. Intermarché has just announced the release of a range of ugly cookies (damaged during transport), which will be marketed in 150 stores in the Paris region from November 3rd to 8th. Beautiful ideas!

Video: Food-Waste Rebel Wants You to Eat Ugly Food. National Geographic (January 2020).


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