May the sales force be with you

At this rate, the news has long reached the planet Tatooïne: the seventh installment of the Star Wars saga will be released on December 16, just before Christmas. Disney, which bought its franchise from George Lucas, launched an unprecedented mercantile offensive in the history of the famous film series, yet rich in derivatives.

Oh, are you listening to me?

Plan your smartphones the next time you have coffee with your mate or a friend. According to Sherry Turkle, the mere presence of a phone on the table can seriously disrupt your trade. In her last essay, Reclaiming Conversation, the American sociologist explains why: if a phone is in sight, interlocutors will tend to address lighter and more superficial topics, as reported on the slate website.

Driving without hands

It is not only the Google because to claim the title of car of the future. The internet giant is obviously the pioneer of the car without a driver, but the car industry is in the starting blocks. And is closely interested in these autonomous vehicles that could revolutionize the market (and our habits) in the years to come.

Weeds stuffed with energy

Transform a harmful plant into a source of energy? This is the successful challenge of the Higher Institute of Technological Education of Rosso in Mauritania, the Diawling National Park and a French development NGO, GRET. These three actors received the Convergences 2015 prize at the beginning of September. Each year, it rewards projects with a strong social or environmental impact.

Our personal messages displayed in the street, a good idea?

You have a message ... at the exit n ° 16! After breaks by SMS or email (which are growing in popularity), divorce selfies (where couples are staged on social networks, happy that they are finally separated), and if the new trend was to pass the bad (or good) news via billboards that abound on the roadsides?

All zero in science?

There are sometimes studies that make us jump. And this is part of it. According to a survey by the OpinionWay Institute conducted on behalf of the L'Oréal Foundation, 67% of Europeans consider that women do not have the capacity to become high-level scientists. And Marie Curie, Claudie Haigneré, Françoise Barré-Sinoussi (who received the Nobel Prize for medicine for discovering the AIDS virus with Luc Montagnier) in all this?

Japan does not want to take the silverware out

Would there be too many centenarians in Japan? No, of course, but the government feels they are a little too expensive. Let's face it: Every September 15, during Seniors Day, the state distributes sakazuki (silver sake cups) to all those who celebrated their 100th birthday in the year.

Two new sexagenarians every second

Every second, two people celebrate their sixtieth birthday in the world, according to the Global AgeWatch Index 2015, which was published in early September. This report, compiled by an independent body, looks at the care and life expectancy of people over 60 in the world. Today, there are some 900 million people in the 60s around the world, and they will rise to nearly 2.1 billion in 2050.

Ready to adopt a student?

A senior and a young person under the same roof, it allows to share the expenses and a beautiful slice of life. According to a Harris Interactive poll for, 74% of French people are in favor of intergenerational roommates. From there to jump in, that's another story. But 19% still consider it in the medium term, and even 5% in the short term.

Get up and walk !

Mark Pollock would never have thought of walking again. And yet, this is the feat that this 39-year-old Irishman, previously in a wheelchair, has just completed. Blind since the age of 22, he lost the use of his legs after falling from a window on the 2nd floor of a building in 2010. But the man is a fighter.

The SMS, new masterpiece?

"Slt cv? M jvb" ("Hi I'm fine, I'm fine"). If we are far from abbreviations of teens and their hundreds of virtual exchanges per day, the SMS is now used by all, regardless of age. So much so that it inspires new creative formats ... A new web series, dubbed "Ploup", even offers them the leading role in its 23 episodes of about 4 minutes.

Phone booths: share your tricks

Hello? Hello ? There will soon be nobody on the line. The government has decided to remove the 40,000 remaining telephone booths in France by 2017. They are too expensive to maintain and the widespread use of mobile phones has already almost retired.

Play Climatology Apprentices

Météo France launches its interactive app devoted to the climate. Another new weather app? Not at all. The originality of "Climate HD" (H for yesterday and D for tomorrow) is to easily visualize the evolution of atmospheric conditions in his region but also the simulations made for the future.

Walk on the moon

The moon does not stop to fascinate. After the commercial tourism developed by Richard Branson and his Virgin Space Ship, the sending of our ashes proposed recently by an American company (Elysium Space), a future scientific mission proposes to tread for you the lunar soil. And the good news is that it's free!

Abuse of beer for Médor?

Renowned for his sparing nature, Michel Houellebecq broke his piggy bank to offer a burial worthy of the name to his welsh corgi, Clément, in 2011. A stele with photo embedded in the cemetery of animals of Asnières-sur-Seine, in the suburbs of Paris. Indecent? The 30 Million Friends Foundation took advantage this year of All Saints' Day to praise the services of its site in memory-of-my-friend.

Stay in the nails!

If you feel more vulnerable on foot than by car or two-wheelers, the majority of us (96% according to a recent OpinionWay study for MMA) admit to having already behaved at risk: cross at red, outside protected passages, etc. And that's not all. Every year, at the end of October, there are more pedestrian accidents, especially at night (an unexpected consequence of the change of time), due to poor visibility ... New statistics from the Belgian Institute for Safety confirmed, with an increase of 110 to 140% of accidents in the flat country.

COP 21: a lot of noise for nothing?

The COP 21 - the UN climate conference in Paris - has not started yet and we have enough, do not you? Not that we feel indifferent to issues related to climate change, far from it. But to awaken consciences and to rebuff the ears are two activities of different natures.

After the panels, the solar roads

And we are not talking here about the Sun Highway, but about a project signed by Colas, a company specializing in the maintenance of road infrastructures, which has designed pavements filled with voltaic sensors to produce electricity. The concept: solar tiles laid and glued directly on the road, which do not require any work or special maintenance.

Renault redeploys its 4L

In the 60's, 70's and 80's, she crisscrossed the roads of France, the eternal rival of the Citroën 2CV. Like her, she had the shifter next to the steering wheel and could start with a crank. It was one of the most popular cars in France, produced for over thirty years, from 1961 to 1991.

America's XXL Photo Album

175,000: This is the number of black and white photographs kept by the Congress Library in Washington, and now easily accessible to all. These images, taken throughout the United States by photographers between 1935 and 1945, were digitized and classified methodically. Developed by the prestigious Yale University, the photogrammar site (sometimes inaccessible, probably a victim of its success!